Meet your library staff: Shelly Vidler

Our library staff are integral to the functioning of our libraries. We have a large array of staff spread over our six libraries and they’re much more than just smiling faces. They’re also full of interesting information, helpful wisdom, and some quirks here and there.

Want to get to know our staff better? Check out our profile on Library and Learning Services Team Member, Shelly Vidler.

Quick Overview

  • Find me at: The library desk at Nathan campus, or Logan on Fridays.
  • What I do: I provide library and IT support, on the library desk and via digital channels (phone, chat, email, webforms).
  • My Griffith story: I started studying at Griffith while in high school through the GUESTS program. I then did my bachelors and honours degrees here, and I’ve worked here ever since!

Steal Shelly’s wisdom

  • Best study tip for students: Follow the advice of Nike: just do it. Start studying and working on assignments early. Even if you don’t want to. Start writing that assignment at least two weeks out; just write a bit a day, even if you think it’s s***. Trust me, future you will look at it, go “good enough”, and thank past you.
  • Biggest blunder I see – and how to avoid: Students losing their USB! It happens all the time, and I’ve seen many tears. Save your stuff to Google Drive, guys!
  • Advice I’d give my 18-year-old self: Choose a degree which has good employment prospects, and do as many internships as you can.
  • Best thing I’ve learnt working at Griffith Uni: I think I’ve learnt a lot about myself!

Get to know Shelly

  • Describe yourself in three words: Friendly, kind, easy-going.
  • Growing up I wanted to be: A lawyer. I really wanted to have a car with air conditioning in the back, my father said only Jaguars have that and you’d have to be really rich to afford a Jaguar, I asked him what job I’d have to do in order to afford a Jaguar: lawyer. I also wanted to be 5’7 (hey, I’m only 3 inches off!)
  • Greatest accomplishment: Buying my first home at 21. I’m real-estate obsessed.
  • Fun fact: I have webbed toes, and no, it doesn’t help me swim any faster.