What’s a makerspace?

3D printer

Have you heard of makerspaces?

Makerspaces are do-it-yourself community spaces where people can explore their creativity, collaborate, share knowledge and resources, and work on projects to develop ideas and ‘make stuff’. And we swear, they’re even more exciting than they sound!

Now, have you heard of The Edge?

Conceived as a model for the library of the future, The Edge is at the forefront of re-imagining libraries for the 21st century.

With a mandate to empower Queenslanders to explore creativity across art, science, technology, and enterprise, The Edge is a visionary space for ‘creating creatives’; a melting pot of ideas, capacity-building, experimentation and innovation.

It’s also located smack-bang in the middle of Brisbane’s CBD #convenient.

You guessed it – The Edge has a makerspace! Which is open to the public, for free.

The space is fit for all types of projects, assignments, prototypes, experiments, business ideas and any creation that needs space and/or access to professional equipment.

Along with the equipment and space, The Edge also also offers great minds! Whether it’s chatting to the experienced Lab staff to obtain a cleaner etch on the laser cutter, or troubleshooting a poor cast from a 3D printed model – they have great minds and like to share what they know.

Users have made some pretty cool things, such as dog tags and mega fauna.

So why not go along and check out the space, which includes a laser cutter, 3D printers (there are many and in different formats), sewing machines and overlockers, soldering stations, a tool shop and general work benches. You can find the opening times here.

Sounds fun, right?!