Degree Planner app wins first prize at the Hack-a-thon

Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was an app to help you plan your university degree?

Well, Griffith University students Damien Robinson, Joaquin Ramirez Reyes and Joshua Murchie thought so too.

So during the 30-hour Hack-a-thon at the Gold Coast campus library last month, they created an app that provided students with an easier way to plan their degree.

They took the program and courses information in the Degree Planner and presented it in a more interactive format.

Instead of clicking through each course to see the details, you can simply hover over the course to see the course information.

Their app also allows you to share your plan with fellow students. Because let’s face it – it’s super important that you and your BFFs do the same courses, in the same Trimesters so you can all finish Uni together.

Our Hack-a-thon judges were so impressed with the app, they awarded the guys first prize – which was a whopping $2000.

Are you curious to see what a group of talented Griffith Uni students can achieve in 30-hours with nothing but a laptop, open access API’s, pizza, and Red Bull?

Of course, you are. We all like to know what genius looks like, right? That’s why we made a video in collaboration with Damien, Joaquin and Joshua to showcase their app.

Check it out!