Book a group study space for your exam prep

As you know, it’s exam period.

But never fear, by the end of next week this trimester’s exams will be over and the new season of Orange is the New Black will have been released, right in time for a well deserved break and Netflix binge.

Though, while we’re still in the midst of exam period, you’re probably wanting to get in some last minute cram sessions. And our libraries are just the place for that!

Not only are Nathan and Gold Coast libraries open 24 hours during exam period, but all campus libraries have a range of study spaces, including silent study areas, social study areas, and bookable group study spaces. How convenient!

If you’ve organised a study group and want to ensure some privacy, you can book a group study space for up to three hours a day. Simply:

  • Go to the library’s Study page:
  • Scroll down to the red Bookable group study spaces block
  • Click the Book your space link
  • Select the campus you want, click on the time desired, and follow the prompts to submit your booking

Now, you’ve just gotta turn up at your booked study space during your booked period, study away (try following our exam prep tips), and ace those exams! Simple, right?