Tearing off labels and hearing stories at our Human Library

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Nathan campus library hosted our very first Human Library event on Wednesday 24 May 2017. We hoped to provide a space to enable social and cultural connection between people, while recognising our differences.

We recognise that no ‘book’ ever has a single story, and our identities are complex. We do not want to ‘interpret’ our books: we want our ‘human books’ to ‘speak for themselves’, and to tell their own stories.

Staff and students came to borrow a ‘human book’ and went away feeling empowered through conversation, with the desire to continue to challenge stereotypes and prejudices through dialogue.

One of our books said: ‘I got to meet interesting people who also had interesting stories. I got to dispel a few myths and provide a few insights. My favourite part was interacting with my Readers – their questions were genuine, honest and engaging’.

Our Human Library event is over for this trimester, but we want you to continue to share your stories with each other: we believe that conversations can help spark social change!

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2 Comments on “Tearing off labels and hearing stories at our Human Library”

  1. loribowe says:

    Great initiative and another first for Griffith University Libraries! Wonderful photos inspire a feeling of peace and sharing. Well done to all the books, and all the borrowers! Hope we get to see you again soon.


  2. kim cartwright says:

    The stories were awesome – so many interesting and moving things to hear and learn. Such a great event. Thank you to all the books for sharing and all the organisers for putting in the hard work to make it happen 🙂 We need more of these innovative ideas – it makes the university really come alive!