A new PressReader app for iOS

Read magazines online with PressReader.

PressReader has made it simple for you to find your favourite newspapers and magazines with an updated app for iOS. There is a brighter interface, easier navigation and new reading actions to make your reading experience even better.

You can easily read entire issues, swipe right on article snippets to pop them open, and skip the sign-in process to share articles on already installed social apps.

The updated menus make searching by personal interest a breeze. You can browse by category, language and country to find the publications that interest you.

But wait, what is PressReader? PressReader is a database that provides you with access to magazines and newspaper from Australia and around the world.

You can choose from thousands of publications and read it from cover to cover, just the way the title was printed.

Are you interested in travel, fashion, food, music or lifestyle? PressReader has a publication for you. Seriously! It has stuff you need for university, as well as stuff you’ll even want to read when there are no grades involved.

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See the PressReader page on the Library website for instructions on how to access publications from home.