7 movies to get you in the mood for uni

Photo of popcorn and lollies

We’re halfway through the trimester, and boy did that creep up quick! Mid semester assessment pieces are just around the corner for a lot of you.

Now, while we always advocate following the wonderful slogan of Nike – just do it: just start studying, just start writing that assessment piece – we get that you’re also awfully skilled in the art of procrastination and may need a little break.

So, if you’re intending to procrastinate or take a small respite, we thought we’d help you out a bit (us, the library – whaaat? We do have a little secret agenda, we won’t lie). Below, we’ve compiled a list of movies you can watch to procrastinate, but also get you in the mood for uni!

1. Legally Blonde
Feeling down in the dumps? Watching trashy TV in bed while eating chocolate? Well, so was Elle Woods – before she got herself together and totally kicked arse at Harvard Law School!

2. Dead Poets Society
Because we all miss Robin Williams. Watch him as an inspirational teacher – we hope he’ll inspire you to get back to study after the end of the movie!

3. Monsters University
For when you’re needing a bit of Pixar animation. Gain some life lessons (from animated monsters) on the value of teamwork.

4. 22 Jump Street
Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill show us what it’s like to navigate college (and fight the bad guys). If you’re needing some action and humour, this is for you.

5. Good Will Hunting
Get in some old-school Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, and watch Will Hunting go from janitor to academic genius. Inspiration much?

6. Pitch Perfect
Into extra-curricular activities on campus? If so, we hope the clubs and societies you’re part of are friendlier and more encouraging than Aubrey in Pitch Perfect!

7. Clueless
More high-school than university – though Josh was at university studying law. And that’s as good an excuse as I need to watch Clueless.