Harmony Day in the library

Photo of Chaplaincy Harmony Day attendees

Griffith University Chaplaincy hosted Harmony Day events in the library.

Did you visit your campus library on Harmony Day?

The libraries were awash with colour, with many of you partaking in our star making activity for the One Million Stars to End Violence project.

One Million Stars is a peaceful global weaving project that engages communities in a conversation about ending all forms of violence.

But you, our lovely students, weren’t the only ones to visit the library on Harmony Day.

The Griffith University Chaplaincy hosted representatives from Buddhist, Charter for Compassion, Christian, Hare Krishna, Jewish, Muslim, Pagan, Psychic networks and communities in the collaboration zones at Nathan and Gold Coast libraries.

Harmony Day was held at Griffith University on Tuesday 21 March. It is an annual event where we celebrate our cultural diversity, inclusiveness, respect and promote a sense of belonging for everyone at Griffith University.