It’s time to get your textbooks sorted

Photo of books

It’s the first day of week three, and we’re sure you’re well and truly getting into the swing of things. So if you haven’t sorted out your textbooks, it’s time you do!

You can find all of your course readings through the Readings link in your Learning@Griffith course site. Some textbooks are available as eBooks via the library catalogue (or the View Online link in your reading list). 

Griffith Libraries also hold copies of all required textbooks in the Reserve collections. Just check the link in your course reading list to see the location and availability of these books.

Now, in some instances, you may need to buy an actual, physical book. You know one with pages that you can turn and have that lovely book smell (we all sniff books right?).

You can purchase brand new textbooks at a campus bookshop; there are bookshops on every Griffith campus. Though we understand that this process may leave your bank account feeling a little sad.

There is a cheaper alternative. Did you know that Griffith also has a Textbook Exchange? Griffith students are able to list their pre-loved textbooks on the Textbook Exchange for sale.

You can search for the text you are after, and view information including the location, condition, and price (and hopefully save a bit of moolah too). And once you’re done with the book, you could even re-list it!