Is your property safe?


So you’ve locked the door to your house, removed everything of value from your car, and your mobile phone is permanently attached to your hand. All your stuff seems to be as secure as it can be.

But what about when you visit the library? Many students leave their valuables unattended in the library to go grab a book off the shelf, chat to friendly library staff, or have a quick coffee break.

And most of the time, nothing nefarious goes down. But sometimes your stuff will be swiped by sneaky thieves. Whether it’s your purse (or wallet), laptop, tablet or backpack, if you leave it, you could lose it.

Take a sensible approach to your property and don’t leave your valuables unattended.

Griffith University Security has some wise advice about the safety of your personal belongings. Head to the Security web page for tips. And if you see any suspicious persons or activity in your area, contact Security.