Download the free Griffith App

Griffith App screen

We love our smartphones, and we’re pretty certain that you do too. It has everything you need – Facebook, Google, Spotify, Email and Messages.

Well, almost everything. As a Griffith University student, you are going to need access to information such as lecture notes, class timetables, staff contact details and library books.

With the help of the free Griffith App, your smartphone can put Griffith in the palm of your hand. Download the Griffith App to access campus maps, computer availability, event information, textbook searches, timetables and more.

Let’s say you’ve got an orientation session in N06. With the App, you would simply open it and click on Maps. How helpful is that? And to find other O-Week events, you would just click Events. Too easy!

The Griffith App is available for Apple iOS, and Android devices. There’s also a web-based version of the app called Smart Phone that is mobile-friendly and accessible to all other types of smartphones with internet connectivity.