What happened to the library website?


Quick, go have a look!

It’s official! It’s live and it’s whiz-bang wonderful! We are talking about the new library website you helped us design.

We are so gosh darn proud of our website that we’re beyond eager to show it off. So we’d like to take you on a tour. Well, at the very least, we’d like to point out some changes that we’re super chuffed about.

Let’s begin with the self-help resources. There is so much online self-help on our new library website, you will be a study ninja in no time. And it’s all contained in one handy location – all self-help can now be found in the Study section of the new library website.

There’s a mass of resources to help you prepare for university, prepare assignments, write assignments, reference, study for exams, and so much more.

Let’s say you were starting university soon (oh right, you are!), and wanted to make sure you knew everything you needed to know. You could visit the new library website, click Study, scroll down a fraction, and bam! There’s everything you need to know about preparing for uni. From effective note making and critical thinking to time management and reading effectively, it’s all there.

Now, you may not have any assignments due right this minute. But trust me, they are going to start piling up once trimester one kicks off in two weeks (OMG, is it really that soon?).

Once they start rolling in, check out the self-help resources for Preparing for your assignment and Writing your assignment on the brand-spanking new library website.

Oh, and we also have a new service that you may find useful. We’ve partnered with Pearson to give you 24/7 assignment help through Smarthinking. Available via Learning@Griffith, Smarthinking is a 24/7 online tutoring service where you can get feedback on your assignment.

Simply submit your paper to Smarthinking and receive helpful advice and comments from tutors, at any time of the day (or night!). You can find Smarthinking in the Study section of the new library website (have we mentioned the new library website enough?).