Our libraries are a safe place for LGBTI students


Griffith University libraries have always been a safe place for all people – where anyone is welcome to explore any topic without judgment. But in September of last year, we went one step further.

With the support of Pro Vice Chancellor (Information Services) Linda O’Brien and Deputy Vice Chancellor (Engagement) Professor Martin Betts, we launched our libraries as a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) Safe Place.

Now, all Griffith University library entrances proudly display a Safe Place sticker to show we’re welcoming, supportive and actively engaged with LGBTI staff and students.

The initiative aims to ensure Griffith University maintains an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust by providing a safe place for LGBTI students and staff to work and study.

As Linda O’Brien explains, ‘Griffith University has always been a place where everyone is welcomed with open arms no matter your background, and we believe providing a safe place for LGBTI staff and students is a natural progression of this’.

We invite you to show your support, and learn a few things, by completing the Walking in Rainbow Shoes eModule in your Learning@Griffith.

If you need support or want to expand your understanding of the LGBTI community, check out the Griffith University Ally Network.

2 Comments on “Our libraries are a safe place for LGBTI students”

  1. Sara says:

    To bad they won’t give a permanent safe space that is not library. You can’t call a library a safe space. Can people talk freely? Can they share there stories and find acceptance? No and these are the things that a safe space need. Call the library what ever you want it is just a sham for Griffith not wanting to give a real space to LGBTIQ+ students. This while plenty of other clubs have permanent spaces.


  2. Thank you Sara for taking the time to provide feedback on the Library Safe Place initiative. This is a positive initiative around LGBTI awareness and inclusion for all staff and students totally seperate from the great work the SRC is doing around the Queer student space on the Nathan campus. I believe that the Nathan space has been restored as just posted by the Griffith Queer society.

    Just to provide some background, this initiative was launched last year and is across all our campus libraries. Libraries have historically always been seen as safe places and the Griffith library staff wanted to build on this for the LGBTI community. The library provides online training for all Griffith students and staff in LGBTI awareness. We estimate over 5,000 folks will have done this training by the end of trimester 1. This is a wonderful outcome in spreading awareness and acceptance.