The library website’s gotten a new look!

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Did somebody say makeover?

We think our Library website is a pretty important place. It’s a hub of information, and full of valuable resources.

Whether you need to research for an assignment, check what you can borrow, look at upcoming events, connect with us on social media (FYI, you totally should!), contact your library staff, or utilise our immense self-help resources, we’ve got you covered!

So, we thought it was about time the website got a bit of a makeover to ensure it remains as relevant as possible to you – the students.

You may remember that towards the end of last year we asked you to help us with planning our website re-jig by sorting some cards?

Maybe you are really invested in the functionality of our library website, or maybe you were just really keen on that $100 gift card up for grabs. Either way, the responses were overwhelming, and we’re rolling out a fancy new website to show for it.

We’ve been working away over the summer (occasionally taking a break to dream we were off on summer vacation too) to update the library website in line with your feedback. It’ll be efficient, streamlined, user-friendly and all kinds of awesome.

And it’ll be released…. now! Well, not all of it, but you will notice some changes to our site already. Keep an eye out for all the brand spanking newness.

We know you’ll love the new-look website as much as we do (or maybe more, if that’s even possible)!