We’re celebrating Wikipedia’s 16th birthday


You know it, and we agree – Wikipedia is brilliant.

But, you know how your lecturers are always telling you that you can’t reference Wikipedia? Well, there’s a reason for it.

Anyone in the world can access and update pages on Wikipedia. And they could be wrong. But just like when your lecturers mark your essays, the more factual references there are, the more it is evident that content is rooted in fact.

So to celebrate Wikipedia’s sweet 16th on 15 January, Wikipedia is holding #1Lib1Ref.

#1Lib1Ref is an event which asks each librarian on Earth to add a citation to a Wikipedia article. And you bet that our librarians are jumping on board.

The #1Lib1Ref drive is running from 15 January to 3 February, and our librarians are getting together on 25 January to power these references out. We can’t miss an opportunity to celebrate Wikipedia (and hang out together sipping tea and talking about our cats, as the stereotype goes).

While we’re doing our best to increase the accuracy of Wikipedia, don’t forget – it’s a great starting place for assignments (it’s really wonderful, isn’t it?), but make sure you reference, reference, reference (not the Wikipedia page – but possibly the Wikipedia reference!).


10am – 12pm
25 January

Nathan Library
Gold Coast Library