Which library has the best Christmas tree?

Gold Coast

Only three more sleeps until Christmas! The big man in the red suit is probably packing the sleigh as we speak, and he’s looking forward to all the snacks you will be leaving out for him.  Mmmmm, milk and cookies!

But Christmas isn’t complete until we know who has been the most festive this holiday season. And festiveness can be measured, you know.

We ran a friendly little poll a few weeks ago to get you to vote on your favourite Griffith Library Christmas tree. And you did, and there was a clear winner.

Congratulations to the Gold Coast campus library! Your Christmas tree is the favourite among Griffith staff, students and random Christmas tree enthusiasts.

To all the other campus libraries – don’t be disheartened. Your Christmas trees were jolly good and we appreciate the effort you put in to make our library spaces merry and bright.

View the final poll results in the original blog post.

One Comment on “Which library has the best Christmas tree?”

  1. I think they were all fabulous !! I saw four of them in person and they were beautiful, and the photos of the others were stunning too. The participation of clients as well as the library teams in the decorations was especially really nice to see, and seeing students from overseas having their photos taken in front of the trees was lovely. Well done and thank you to everyone involved for taking the time and effort to put these symbols of friendship and festivity up for us and brighten our foyers : ) Happy Christmas to all.