Vote for your favourite Christmas tree

Whether you are a Griffith University student, staff member or random Christmas tree enthusiast, we want you to vote on your favourite Griffith University library Christmas tree.

Our campus libraries got into the Christmas spirit early this year, with all our Christmas trees going up in November. Hey, we had to get them up before everyone left for the semester!

But if you didn’t get to see the Christmas trees in person, here they are in their photographic glory.

Some libraries decided that less is more, while others went with the more the merrier. There were trees decorated by students (with personalised messages), and those tastefully arranged by library staff.

Whichever tree takes your fancy, make sure you cast your vote! Voting closes at 5pm, Friday 19 December 2016.

2 Comments on “Vote for your favourite Christmas tree”

  1. Helen Trochoulias says:

    Great tree, nicely decorated!!


  2. Theresa says:

    I think the Nathan library Christmas tree is the best of all. It has lots of nice messages from students hung all over it. Giving the students the opportunity of writing their own messages on Christmas cutouts and hanging them on the tree makes them feel as if they are taking part and getting into the Spirit of Christmas. It is also a good way of letting students express their feelings, thoughts and opinions at this time of year. Some messages are to wish their friends and other students a Happy Christmas, praying they pass all their final exams, hoping to find a partner by Christmas, hoping to find a job in the New Year and others say “Griffith is a great place”.