Bats off to Mt Gravatt Library for a stellar storytime

The school kids at Yarranlea Primary are batty for books! They visited Mt Gravatt campus library on Friday for a bat-themed storytime.

Library Campus Services, Team Member, Jana Rutledge read them the story of Stellaluna; an award-winning picture book by Janell Cannon about the adventures of a lost baby fruit bat.

The Yarranlea kids were so engrossed in the story they didn’t bat an eyelid when Rachel, a volunteer from Bat Conservation and Rescue Queensland, popped by with two baby fruit bats during the book reading.

But once the book was finished and Stellaluna was reunited with her mum (#spoileralert), the kids were excited to gather around and see a real life bat.

They listened intently as Rachel introduced them to the wrapped-up bundles of black and grey fur. The grey-headed flying fox was named Felix whereas the black-headed baby was nameless until the kids christened him Fletcher.

Fletcher and Felix were under the care of Bat Conservation and Rescue Queensland as they, like Stellaluna, had lost their mothers.

Rachel explained to her young audience that bats are killed by power lines, barbed wire, nets on fruit trees and viruses. The key message Rachel delivered to the children was to never touch a bat in trouble; if a bat bites you, it will have to be destroyed. Only people trained and vaccinated should handle bats.

If you see a bat on electricity wires or caught in barbed wire or netting, call the 24-hour Rescue Hotline: 0488 228 134. Check out the Bat Conservation and Rescue Queensland website for more information.