Reflections on another year of university


— Written by Hayley Payne. Originally published on The Griffith Collective

In just a few days, the majority of us will have finished our studies for the year. Some will have just survived their first year, others sit somewhere in the middle, and there are those who are about to enter the ‘real-world’.

So let’s reflect on the lessons learnt…

1. It’s okay to say no sometimes
You’re better to do a few things well than to do many things adequately.

I thought the best way to get ahead was to take on absolutely everything: volunteer opportunity, job posting, five subjects, internships and more. This can leave you incredibly overwhelmed and overloaded.

Eventually, I realised it was better to cut down on my activities and devote my time to doing just a few things well.

So take some time to consider if there are some commitments in your life you can let go. If you continue working hard towards your goals, there is always going to be something else around the corner.

2. Attend lectures and take notes
Sitting through a two-hour lecture every single week can be incredibly difficult. Sometimes you simply don’t have the attention span; you may not enjoy the subject or you have work commitments.

But, as I am sure many of you are now realising, not going to lectures and tutorials can put you in a tricky place.

As we move closer to end-of-semester exams, it’s time to start studying. This can be difficult if you have no notes and no memory of the course content.

If only I had gone along each week and made even just a few notes, I wouldn’t be experiencing the panic and stress of last minute cramming.

3. Pick your tutors brains while you can
Tutors are our greatest information source. Whilst cramming for exams, I have realised I should have asked my tutors more questions during the semester.

It is important to use that one or two hours a week wisely. Come to class prepared with questions about the content and assignments.

Thanks for reading and good luck with exams!

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  1. Graeme Thom says:

    Well said and good luck. Cheers. GT.