Doctor of the University, I presume?

What do Evonne Goolagong Cawley, Michael Lynagh and Greg Norman have in common?

If you guessed the three Australians were international sports stars – you would be correct.  This trio were the very best in the world at their chosen sport.

But they also share something else in common. They have all received Griffith University’s Doctor of the University award. This honorary doctorate has been awarded by Griffith since 1975, and not just to sporting greats.

Other recipients you may know include – Germaine Greer, Peter Garrett and General Peter Cosgrove.

The Griffith Archive is displaying a slideshow of the ‘lesser known’ recipients of this honorary distinction on their website. It shines a light on some interesting people who have been recognised by our university.

Perhaps they are not everyday names. Yet they have made significant contributions to communities within Australia and around the world.

You can view a profile on selected recipients as well as listen to their acceptance speech. Profiles include a Jewish holocaust survivor who went on to become one of the world’s great musical composers and the founder of the internationally renowned tourist draw card – Currumbin Bird Sanctuary.

Visit Griffith Archive’s YouTube channel to listen to acceptance speeches by some other Doctor of the University award recipients. The most watched speech to date is the one given by Barry Humphries (of Dame Edna Everage).

All the recipients have an interesting story to tell and really are extraordinary people. Some might say – they are ‘remarkable’…

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  1. ThAnKyOu!! to our Library Blog Team and other contributors for all the interesting, informative, and important posts here on the Griffith Library Blog this year. There is always something to capture my attention or my imagination. I am voting this one my very favourite for 2016 though : ) and it is great to also see a shout out for our awesome #GriffithArchive. Thank you to everyone involved in bringing us this excellent channel of news, information, and community.