When will my final grades be released?


Will you be jumping for joy on 30 November?

Semester two officially ends this Saturday.

After months of assignments and weeks of exams, you’ll finally be able to put your books down, your feet up and your Netflix on (we missed you, old friend).

But before you can totally chill, you probably want to know how you’ve fared this semester. Whether you’ll be pleased with your pass, delighted with your distinction or happy as a clam with your high distinction, the day of reckoning is almost upon us.

Your final grades for Semester 2, 2016 will be available in myGriffith on Wednesday 30 November from 5pm. If you are a medicine or OUA student, please see the Student Administration Grades web page for further information.

The Grades web page also contains other helpful information such as assessment policy, reviewing and appealing a final grade and the grading schema.

What is the grading schema, you ask? Well, it lists all the possible grades you can receive and explains what it means.

For instance, if you get a grade of FNS for one of your subjects, you can check the grading schema to see what it means. PS it’s not good!

Best of luck!