What reality TV has taught us (that can be applied at uni)

Photo of woman watching television.

Do you (like me) spend a bunch of time watching ‘trashy’ reality TV?  Or maybe you’re quick to critique.

Well, as it turns out, trash can teach us some decent life lessons. And we reckon you should totally apply these lessons to university, and you know, real life. Here’s what we’ve learnt:

1. A good personality will win you friends
Don’t double-cross people on Survivor, or double-cross your group members on a team assignment.

2. Put yourself out there!
Where would Shannon Noll be if he hadn’t taken a chance on Australian Idol? And what about Australia? We would’ve been deprived of an overplayed single and a lot of meme opportunities.

3. Self-confidence will take you places
Just look at WAGS, or the Real Housewives. I’ll take me some of that confidence.

4. Take the time to think things through before you make major decisions
Or Australia will hate you – I’m looking at you, Blake Garvey.

5. Undertake internships to help you succeed in your career – and apply yourself
Holiday time’s almost here. Maybe we can re-watch The Hills or The City for some inspiration?

6. Your family is a great support network when things get tough
Just watch how the Kardashian sisters have each others’ backs.

7. Be accepting of others, and diversity in general
Don’t just label someone as different, take the time to understand them (thank you, Caitlyn Jenner).

8. Hard work pays off
Think: Biggest Loser.

9. But don’t push yourself too hard
How many hospital trips have we seen on The Block? Push yourself too hard and you run the risk of not finishing your room reveal.

10. Be kind whenever possible (it is always possible)
Just be a good person in general, alright? Okay, so maybe the Dalai Lama taught us this, not reality TV. But we think he’d totally rock his own reality TV show.