Assignment submission goes online in 2017

The future is here! Online assignment submission goes online 2017.

The future is here! Assignment submission goes online in 2017.

Assignments. Not so long ago they were the bane of your existence. Many a late night was spent trying to put together a gazillion word essay with minimal research, maximum caffeine, and zero motivation.

But since you submitted your final paper in week 16, you haven’t given them a moments thought. In fact, you’ve mentally blocked out anything to do with essays, reports, case studies or critical reviews.

And you are probably wondering why we’ve brought up such a stressful topic, especially when you are smack-bang in the middle of exams.

While it’s old news to some of you, we still have some awesome news. Assignment submissions are going online in 2017! From Trimester 1, you can submit university assignments online through such channels as Turnitin, SafeAssign, or the Blackboard submission tool.

No longer will you have to wrestle your report from the printer, or remember to put on pants to hand them in at the library.

In the new year, you’ll just need to complete your assignment, select your online submission tool, click a few buttons, and puff, it’s submitted.

Keep in mind that some assignments may still need to be physically submitted to your school. See your course profile for more details.

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