5 study spaces you need to take advantage of at Nathan

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— Written by Hannah Sbeghen. Originally published on The Griffith Collective

Fret no more Brisbane students, we have the solutions to your study space woes before the exams. With final exams around the corner, it is time to bunker down and study. To help you through the next few weeks here are some great study spaces at Nathan campus.

1. The Environment Building
This space is a ‘go to’ study spot, offering peace and serenity. Soak up some rays while you study and enjoy spending hours sitting among the green awnings.

2. The Learning Centre #1
Learning Centre’s are resource-rich when it comes to computers and accompanying printers. When the library is overcrowded, this unique space provides study, printing and scanning facilities. This place just might be your study saviour.

3. The library hidey-hole
You know when you’ve tried to study but your brain still refuses to cooperate? Even if coffee has no effect, there’s a space on the second floor of the library, that might do the trick. The room lets in a lot of sunlight and it’s usually quite empty. This sunny and open space might provide the perfect balance of focus and tranquillity. (Note: The Library Social Media Team advises that this room is no longer available to students – 15/11/2016).

4. The Learning Centre #2
This Learning Centre is the same as the first with regard to computers and printing stations, but it’s a little more ‘chic’ and suits the student who appreciates a good couch when he or she sees one.

5. Goanna Lounge
You’ve walked past it dozens of times and the name sounds like a cool bar in West End. The Goanna Lounge has ample space in a more relaxed setting. For those of you who like to spread out your notes, the Goanna Lounge is where you need to be, but you might have to fight the strong physical desire to sleep, ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz.

Happy studying and good luck with your final exams!