5 Gold Coast study spaces you need to know this exam season!

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— Written by Mindy Davies. Originally published on The Griffith Collective

Looking for the perfect study spot? The Griffith Collective, Social Media reporter, Mindy Davies shares her top five study spaces on the Gold Coast campus.

1. The Student Lounge in G42
G42, the newest business building, offers a quiet space where you can study on your own or meet your study group. Another plus is the delicious coffee served just downstairs, to keep you going through the day!

2. Study kiosk under G31
This is the perfect location to get some extra study done if you like fresh air and open spaces. It’s kind of a hideaway and stays shady, so the sun won’t be too much of a distraction. You can keep your laptop charged, eat your lunch, and enjoy the environment around you.

3. Student Lounge G40
The Student Lounge in the G40 Health Centre at the north end of campus provides another unique study space. The Student Lounge can be found by heading up the elevators to level 4. Here, you will find a bank of computers on one side and a wall of whiteboards on the other. Perfect for group or solo study, there is a great view to give your eyes a break when you need it!

4. Art & Education Building G30
G30 is resource-rich offering computers and accompanying printers. This space offers group study pods, a large number of PCs and printing and scanning facilities, allowing you to work productively.

5. The Cafes
The Gold Coast has an abundance of cafes located across the campus. Cafes offer a change of scenery plus some sociability and who doesn’t love a coffee while they study? With numerous cafes around, break up your day and find a new study space.

Happy studying and good luck with your final exams!