Exercise your mind and body


With exams this week, we are confident your mind is getting a good workout. Heck, your brain is probably exhausted from the marathon think-a-thon going on.

But with all this mental exercise, don’t forget to move your body (we like to move it, move it!).

Exercising can help you reduce stress, sleep better, reduce anxiety, live longer, boost energy levels, and increase happiness. In fact, research also suggests it helps increase memory. Not a bad list of benefits, right?

Lucky for you, Griffith University sports venues are offering 25% off a three-month membership until Tuesday 15 November.

It’s a perfect opportunity to give it a go – especially for the commitment-phobes out there (it’s only a three-month commitment, woo!).

Your membership will grant you access to; Nathan Fitness Centre, Aquatic and Fitness Centre, Tennis Centre and Squash Courts. Once you feel the positive benefits, you may even want to join for longer (#nopressurethough).

Or, if you’re the more outdoorsy type, check out this list of epic hikes around the Brisbane and Gold Coast area. We think all the hiking spots are awesome (and we don’t play favourites) but Springbrook National Park has glow worms! Hiking boots are on! Let’s go see those little luminescent larvae!

Regardless of how or where you choose to exercise, grab that motivation (okay, maybe muster up some motivation…) and get out there.

We know uni can be busy but it’s super important to have me (we mean you) time. Take care of yourself peeps – mind and body (and soul).