6 study tips to help you through the exam block

Illustration of students at a desk

Illustration by Nicole Clowes

— Written by Layne Ngatai-Stokes. Originally published on The Griffith Collective

So you’ve finished off all of your assignments and there is just one barrier left to a well-earned break… The exam block!!!

As someone who has done this a few times before, Griffith University student, Layne Ngatai-Stokes has a few tips to help you make it through.

1. Study with friends

Not only is this great for filling in gaps of knowledge but it works as a motivational tool too.

Meet up somewhere like the campus library to avoid distractions, as meeting up at one of your houses can turn a study session into hours of procrastination.

This can be a helpful strategy as your friends might know certain areas of the course more in depth than you and vice versa. This way you can help each other to further understand a wider variety of sections.

2. Organisation

Not only does organising your study space help (seriously), but so does organising yourself the day of the exam. If you plan your meals, what you are wearing and all of your equipment the day before the exam, the day will be more manageable and you’ll find yourself with more time to study.

3. Practice

Practicing can really help you, it not only helps you feel less anxious when taking the full exam but it helps familiarise yourself with the format of the exam. I have even seen friends time themselves on past exams to work out their time allocation.

Make sure you understand the layout of the exam, does it require short answers, multiple choice answers or essays? Knowing how to best answer each question under a tight time frame will minimise your stress in the moment.

4. Take breaks

Study is important but I have seen a huge number of people crash because they push themselves too hard. There is nothing worse than wasting all of that study because you were too tired to focus on the exam.

5. Get some SLEEP!!!

If you exhaust yourself mentally and physically you cannot obtain as much information as you would if you had rested.

6. Find out what works best for you

Most of you probably have a few tips and tricks from high school exams, so don’t be afraid to use them. I know a few people who tried to use all the advice their friends, the Uni and teachers had given them, and ignoring their tried and tested strategies only to do worse than they could have imagined.

Don’t succumb to the pressure. Just prepare yourself well and you will do fine!