How to diversify your reference list


Gain easy marks for your assignment by including a comprehensive reference list.

You just need to follow referencing guidelines (okay, so maybe it’s not so easy) and cite a variety of pertinent academic sources, like books, encyclopedias, journal articles, conference papers, and websites.

Remember to check your assignment criteria sheet to see what your lecturer is after and to determine what marks are up for grabs. Learning Advisers can help you decode the assignment criteria.

But we understand you’re busy, and don’t always have time to head into the library to read physical books.

Did you know that Griffith Library gives you access to online eBook databases? This means if you pull an all-nighter, you can still diversify your reference list.

Don’t limit yourself to online journal articles and websites – access eBooks from the comfort of home. The EBL eBook Library is a great place to start searching for eBooks. You can access it from the library homepage:

  • Select Databases
  • Type EBL Ebook Library
  • Click Search
  • Click EBL Ebook Library
  • Click EBL (Ebooks Corporation)

Once in the database, you are able to search by topic areas, key words, or create advanced searches.

Ever wanted to Ctrl+F a book? Now you can! The EBL eBook Library gives you the option to keyword search within the book’s contents; super handy for last minute research.

Also check out our other eBook databases! Try Ebrary, Books24/7 or the EBSCOhost eBook Collection.