Cheers to one million visitors to Nathan library!

Photo of office people celebrating

Hip, hip, hooray! A whooping one million of you have walked through the doors of the Nathan campus library this calendar year*.

And we are pretty chuffed. That’s one million students and staff who have come to hang out in our library spaces, utilise our amazing resources and engage with our lovely library staff.

If we could have had trumpets playing, confetti-throwing and champagne-popping to celebrate the actual one millionth visitor, we would have.

But we don’t keep trumpets in the library. Confetti is notoriously difficult to clean up. And alcohol in the library would be frowned upon by the powers that be. Sorry.

Big thanks to all of you who have dropped by this year. And a massive shout-out to the Nathan campus library staff for being so helpful, friendly, supportive and all the other good stuff.

*Calendar year? What’chu talkin’ about? We are referring to the period from October 2015 – October 2016.