How to become an exam prep pro

Do you have a super smart friend who aces exams? Wouldn’t you love to know how they do it, and what the secret to their success is?

Well, we have a friend like that – Griffith University business student and up-and-coming YouTuber, Azaria Bell. With finals just around the corner, we asked Azaria to give us some pointers on how to become an exam prep pro.

And she answered. In a video. On YouTube. Check out her insightful video on How to prepare for final exams.

Want more? We may know a few other people who can help with world domination, I mean, exam preparation. You may have heard of them – we are talking about the wise and incredibly helpful Learning Advisers.

Learning Advisers are professional educators who can work with you to help achieve academic goals. And the good news is, you can book a 20-minute Academic Skills Consultation with them.

They are located on each campus and can help with exam preparation, time management, academic writing and other academic skills.

Individual and small group consultations are offered throughout the year. Appointments are necessary and can be booked online.

Bookings for consultations will typically open on the Wednesday before the week of the session. Book an Academic Skills Consultation today.

There are also some handy online resources on exam prep. Check out our guides on Exam room technique and Revising for exams.