Are you an ecological Big Foot?


So I just measured my ecological footprint using the WWF calculator and the results were atrocious.

Apparently, I need three planet Earths to support my lifestyle (if everyone lived like I do). And last time I checked, there was only one. So something has to change, or rather, someone.

To reduce my ecological Big Foot, I need to consume less – food, energy, water, petrol, plastics, and clothing. Okay, so maybe not food (as the great Homer Simpson says: ‘mmm… donuts’).

So how can I do this exactly? Here are some handy tips I picked up from the WWF website. They are super easy to do and can make a huge difference:

  • Recycle paper and cardboard
  • Refill your own drink bottle
  • Avoid packaging that won’t go in the recycling bin
  • Use your own cloth shopping bag instead of plastic or paper ones
  • Choose biodegradable products
  • Buy local, seasonable produce that hasn’t crossed the globe to get to you
  • Write a shopping list to lessen impulse buys
  • Plan your meals and serve what you need
  • Get a compost bin or worm farm for food scraps
  • Switch off and unplug unused lights and appliances
  • Adjust your thermostat to 1 degree warmer in summer and 1 degree cooler in winter
  • Use energy saving light bulbs
  • Take a break from driving and take public transport instead
  • Avoid unnecessary acceleration and braking when driving
  • Service your vehicle regularly so it’s operating at its most efficient

What about you? Are you an ecological Big Foot like me or do you tread lightly? Calculate your ecological footprint and let us know in the comments below.