Did you know you can watch lectures online?


Let me tell you about this amazing video we just watched online… It starred Professor Whatshername and covered a bunch of topics that you’ll need to know about for your final exam.

No, it’s not a new documentary on Netflix. It’s a digital recording of a Griffith University lecture via Learning@Griffith.

That’s right, your Griffith University lectures are available online (well, most of them anyway). It’s called Lecture Capture and you can stream or download the recorded lectures.

Lectures are automatically published to the course site and can be viewed on most mobile devices, like phones and tablets.

They are completely searchable and bookmarkable so you can pinpoint the most important parts of each lecture. This makes compiling study notes so much easier!

It also means Lecture Capture isn’t just for when you miss the odd lecture. It can also be a valuable revision tool come exam time – bonus!

For your viewing pleasure (no, we aren’t being sarcastic), some lecturers record other teaching activities, such as seminars, workshops, tutorials. They may also upload their personal recordings to provide you with additional resources.

For more information about Lecture Capture, visit the Lecture Capture webpage. Or if you need IT support contact the IT Service Centre.