Worried about your referencing?

Referencing can be a little scary. Get help!

Referencing can be a little scary. But we can help!

So you’ve written an absolute cracker of an essay. You are going to get top marks for sure. Now you just have to compile the reference list which should be dead easy, right? Wrong.

Most of us struggle with referencing. There are just so many rules – put this in alphabetical order, centre that, double space this, use abbreviations for that…

If you need help with your referencing, book a 20-minute Research and Referencing Consultation with an Information Literacy Librarian.

Information Literacy Librarians are the referencing guru’s who have all the answers (well, most of them anyway, and they know how to research the rest!)

They can help with your tricky referencing problem, or simply provide guidance with referencing principles and their application to academic writing.

Or if you need assistance with finding, evaluating, and using information for assessments, they are down with that too. This includes searching the library catalogue, databases and the internet for appropriate scholarly material.

Since so many of you are already familiar with these consultations, they book out super fast. So get in quick!

Are you off campus and need help with research or referencing? Stay in your warm cozy bed with a laptop and the cat (or dog!) and enjoy an online consultation.

Book a consultation now!