Why you should take a break from uni on Sunday


Let’s talk about your plans for this coming Sunday 16 October.

We think you should go to the beach, see a movie or have a Sunday session with your mates. Or anything really. Except for uni-related stuff.

Now, of course you’re gonna wanna know why right? We just think you need some fun; enjoy a little bit of you-time. And *whispers so quietly that only dogs can hear* maybe, just maybe, some of our IT systems will be unavailable.

Okay, so they definitely will be down. And not just a couple of random systems you never use, but pretty much all of them. Yes, all Griffith University IT systems.

Before you get all hot and bothered, just know this. It’s for your own good. Really.

Griffith University will be conducting its annual IT disaster recovery test to make sure the University’s key information systems can be recovered and continue to operate in the event of a major disruption. It’s a small disruption to prevent a big disruption. Ironic, right?

The outage will start at 7am Sunday 16 October and conclude by midnight.

You may be able to access some systems (some of the time) using direct links, but we can’t guarantee they will work either. Still keen? Here are the links:

What does this mean for the library?  Well, we are open and you are welcome to come and use our spaces. But borrowing, printing, and password updates will be unavailable.

So, see you at the beach?