Me, my selfie and I – Candice Skjonnemand


Have you ever wanted to audition for a reality talent show? Well, Griffith University student, Candice Skjonnemand did just that in 2014 when she tried out for The Voice Australia. We asked the Popular Music student to take a selfie, and reveal all…

1. What prompted you to audition for The Voice?

Honestly, I just had a feeling it was time to believe in myself. My father was diagnosed as terminally ill and I felt I didn’t have time to be afraid of failure anymore so I just took a leap!

2. Can you tell us about your most memorable moment on The Voice?

It was and always will be those three chairs turning. That moment validated to me that I can actually sing. Until that moment I had slowly been losing faith in myself as a musician and wondering if this was even a path I should continue to follow.

3. Can you tell us about your most challenging moment on The Voice?

Not bursting out into tears when I was sent home at the showdowns. I held it in the whole time I was on stage, and the moment I got back stage I just burst into tears. Thank God it wasn’t on camera.

4. What wise advice do you have for aspiring singers wanting to audition for The Voice?

Don’t invest yourself emotionally, it’s just a TV show. Winning won’t make or break you. Just be thankful for the free exposure and the great friends you’ll make. Also, remember the show is about singing covers so leave your original brain at home and do what you’re told.

5. What’s the best thing you’ve learnt at university?

That talent and faith are everywhere. What sets you apart is literally networking, hard work, knowledge and research. History also plays a big part in where we currently sit and where we need to be going. So get in touch with where todays music evolved from.

6. What did 10-year old Candice want to be when she grew up?

A singer or a vet!

7. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Travelling the world with my family performing original music and changing lives through music.

8. What sparked your interest in singing/songwriting?

I like to tell stories – true stories. I think music has the ability to reach people who feel alone or lost. And by telling true stories I have seen or experienced myself, whether painful or positive, people can begin to feel connected.

9. What’s been your favourite subject at uni so far?

History. It teaches us that music is more than a sound and entertainment. It teaches us that music shapes the world we live in – the society, the government, people’s emotions. It also teaches us that music has the ability to reach peoples emotions and perceptions of the song on a subconscious level through techniques we are learning.

10. Where’s the best place on campus to study?

The library. It’s amazing!

11. Can you give us your 3 best study tips?

I find less talk more action is essential. But studying with someone so you can bounce ideas off each other, or ask each other exam questions, works really well. But personally I always study at home in a quiet place on my own just because I have a 5-month old baby.

12. What’s the most awesome resource you’ve discovered in your Griffith Uni Library?

Books. Hard copy books can’t get any better. It’s so much better for your eyes among this technology driven world, and so relaxing to learn from so our brain soaks it all in.