Colour away your worries in the library


Do you colour between the lines? Or do you prefer to break free of those restrictive boundaries and colour where your pencil takes you?

We invite all students – regardless of colouring-in style –  to join us at our Colour in Corner this week and, well, colour-in.

We’ll provide the pencils and the paper. You just need to bring your creativity and maybe a few of your classmates.

Colour in Corner is being hosted by Griffith University Library as part of University Mental Health and Well-Being Week from 10-14 October.

What does colouring-in have to do with mental health? Well, neuropsychologist, Dr Stan Rodski says the act of colouring-in can reduce stress (Colourtation, Brain Science).

And he conducted actual research to prove his point. Basically, he got a bunch of super-stressed executives to colour-in for 30-minutes a day and monitored their anxiety levels.

Dr Rodski found colouring-in provides ‘a fun habit forming activity to improve stress management outcomes’.

Another study from 2005 shows that what you colour matters. According to two academics in Art Therapy: Journal of the American Art Therapy Association, ‘coloring a mandala for 20 minutes is more effective at reducing anxiety than free-form coloring for 20 minutes’ (Can coloring mandalas reduce anxiety?).

Want to colour-in a mandala and reduce your anxiety? Come and take a seat at our Colour in Corner. We’ve got the mandalas covered (or is that coloured?).

University Mental Health and Well-Being Week aims to raise awareness of the mental health and well-being of those who study and work at Griffith.

Head to the Student Services webpage to see the full program of events being held across all Griffith campuses this week.