Lightning Talks strike Logan’s ivory tower


Talk about a sizzling event with dynamic speakers!  Griffith University Library Lightning Talks are being held at the Logan campus library on Tuesday 18 October.

So what are Lightning Talks? Lightning Talks are similar to soapbox events or speaker’s forums where speakers give voice to a variety of topical issues and invite discussion on current affairs. For example, women scientists recently brought their research to the Brisbane public on soapboxes in the hope of ‘demystifying science and, importantly, bringing it to the people’

They originated at university libraries in the United States. And nowadays a bunch of prestigious Universities like Stanford and Cornell host talks where academics or postdoctoral students give a very short presentation, lasting only a few minutes.

Our academics will have 10 minutes to talk about social justice and community building. They will talk in ‘real’ speak, bringing their passion for research to life. And it won’t just be academics voicing their opinions; they invite you to share yours as well.

Why are we holding these talks? Well, we are hoping to make academics and their research more accessible to you; removing the stigma of academic ‘ivory towers’ and breaking down hierarchical divisions.

Scholars often receive criticism for not being able to communicate about their academic interests outside of their realm and this can contribute to a disconnect between the academic and broader community.

Why Logan library? One of the strengths of the Logan campus is its deep commitment to equity. The Logan library is an inclusive space where students feel well-supported and part of a positive library community.

Lightning Talks are a natural extension of this commitment to inclusivity.

Griffith University Library Lightning Talks

Tuesday 18th October between 12 – 1pm

Library, Logan campus, Griffith University


  • Professor Lesley Chenoweth: PVC and Head of Logan Campus
  • Dr Adele Pavlidis: Griffith University PhD graduate and post-doctoral scholar in the Griffith Centre for Cultural Research.
  • Dr Abdi Hersi: Griffith University PhD graduate, and Project Manager for the School of Humanities, Language and Social Science’s award-winning “Reporting Islam” project

Don’t miss being part of the conversation – come along to this exciting free event! Bring your classmates and your lunch.