Save files to your student Google Drive


Did you know your student Google Drive has unlimited storage?

You can save all your uni assignments, group projects, research or general what-have-you to Google Drive, and you’ll never reach your maximum quota. Because, well, there is none.

The only limitation is the size of the file, and even then it’s nothing to worry about. You can store files up to five terabytes (TB) in size. To give you some perspective, five TB is approximately 1,250,000 songs or 380 hours of video. It’s seriously massive.

So if you are saving your work to a USB, CD, H Drive or the desktop, it’s time to diversify.

Now, we aren’t suggesting you save your work exclusively on Google Drive. Save files to multiple places in case something goes horribly wrong.

For example, save it to a USB, Google Drive and email yourself a copy. That way, the risk of losing your gazillion-word essay is minuscule.

So how do you get a student Google Drive? If you are a Griffith student, you get one automatically! Actually, you get access to a student Google Apps account, which also includes Gmail, Google Docs, Sheets and Slides and Google Calendar (to name just a few).

You can store any file in Drive: pictures, drawings, videos, and more. You only need to store a file in Drive on one device, and it will automatically be available on all your other devices.

There are three ways to get your files into Drive:

  • Upload files to Drive on the web
  • Store files using a desktop sync client
  • Upload files from your phone or tablet

Go to the Google Apps Learning Centre to find out how!