Call me maybe: free video calls with Jabber Guest


Do you have a library-related question but can’t make it to a campus library? Maybe you are stuck at work. Maybe you live a gazillion kilometres away. Maybe you are too gosh darn comfortable in bed.

Well, you can still ask your question in person (virtually). Make a FREE video call to library staff using Jabber Guest. Log in to MyGriffith, click Study Support, and you’ll find Video call the Library listed under Contacts.

You will need to install a plugin or app before you can use Jabber Guest. It’s really quick (and painless, we promise). Head to the Jabber Guest Self Help page for super helpful installation instructions.

You can use Jabber Guest on a desktop computer or laptop (e.g. Mac or Windows), or a mobile device (e.g. mobile phone or tablet). You will require a camera and microphone-enabled device to use this service.

To find out more about using Jabber Guest, visit the Jabber Guest Self Help page.