How to be more sustainable at uni

sustainability week

Show the environment some love and celebrate Griffith’s Sustainability Week from 29 August to 2 September 2016.

Sustainability Week activities are being held across all of Griffith’s five campuses. Visit Griffith’s Sustainability Week web page to see what activities are happening on your campus.

Here are 7 easy ways you can be more sustainable while studying (taken from Griffith’s Sustainability Awareness module)

1. Reduce energy usage

You know the drill; turn off lights, computers, monitors and other non-essential equipment when you aren’t using them. But maybe don’t off the lights in the library, leave that to us.

2. Conserve water

Bring your own stainless steel (BPA free) water bottle to uni and refill at the water bubblers located on all campuses,

3. Reduce, reuse and recycle

Recycle your old, unused mobile phones, IT equipment and computers. Campus Life will provide e-waste collection facilities at Nathan and Gold Coast campuses on Thursday and Friday as part of Griffith’s Sustainability Week activities.

4. Practice sustainable purchasing

It goes without saying that you should only buy what you need. And if you absolutely need that new printer or computer, check the Energy Star rating to make sure it’s super energy efficient.

5. Reduce paper usage

Think before you print. Do you really need to print out your assignment a gazillion times? Use Google Forms when collaborating on group assignments rather than printing.

6. Use sustainable transport

Take public transport, cycle/walk to uni, or carpool with classmates. Our intercampus bus travels between Nathan and Mt Gravatt campuses. And the Student Guild Intercampus bus travels between the Gold Coast and Nathan campuses.

7. Support natural ecosystems

We need to look after the wildlife who live at the Nathan, Mt Gravatt and Gold Coast campuses. So although they look cute, cuddly and oh so hungry; don’t feed the native animals, particularly birds. To be fair, the kookaburras at the pub don’t wait to be served. Your plate of food is their buffet!