5 reasons why you need to subscribe to the Library Blog

Do you get a bit prickly when you miss out on important info? Subscribe to the Library Blog and stay in the know.

Do you get a tad prickly when you miss out on important info? Subscribe to the Library Blog and stay in the know.

Do you like to keep up with library and IT stuff at Griffith University? Subscribe to the Library Blog.

It’s easy! Look for a box that says Email Subscription on the right side of the screen. Then simply enter your email address and click Sign me Up. You will be notified by email each time a new blog post is added.

Here are 5 reasons that will totally (hopefully) convince you to sign up:

1. You can win prizes

We frequently run competitions where you can win awesome prizes, like a $200 prepaid Visa Card. And if you subscribe, you won’t miss out. Would you like to enter our latest Library Shelfie competition to win $200?

2. You can find out how to do stuff

Maybe you are new and haven’t figured out how things work. Well, sign up my friend and we’ll tell you what you need to know. Like, do you know how to print from your iPhone, iPad or iPad? There was a blog post and you missed it. Stop it from happening again and subscribe!

3. You can find out about important changes

Sometimes, we change things. Not randomly, mind you; we usually have a good reason. Like moving the student video conferencing room to give you privacy, or changing the library opening hours for the Show Holiday.

4. You can avoid suffering from FOMO

We’ll let know when happenin’ library events are happening so you can book your spot. Whether it’s library and academic skills workshops, or annual spectacles like Masters and Slaves, you will be there (because you booked in advance!)

5. You can find out about student discounts and freebies

Did you know you get student discounts and freebies? No? That’s because you didn’t subscribe to the Library Blog. Here’s a quick rundown of what you missed: Microsoft Office 365 is free, so is the Griffith App, and Griffith wifi. Student discounts? There are crazy discounts on Dell, Apple and HP laptops, desktops and tablets.