Listen to live music in the library today


What do Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley and Josh Groban have in common? Yes, they are all singers. Yes, they are all men. But did you know that their singing voice is classed as a baritone?

And we have one singing live at the Nathan Campus today! No, not Frank, Elvis or Josh, but a classical baritone singer from the Queensland Conservatorium-Griffith University (QCGU).

As part of our Music in the Library series, QCGU students will be performing at the Nathan Campus Library from 1pm today. And baritone, Oliver Boyd, will be among them.

This music event will also feature two Soprano’s (singers, not mobsters), a Mezze Soprano and Pianist. Here’s the lineup:

  • Annika Hinrichs (Soprano)
  • Michelle Alexander (Soprano)
  • Melissa Gregory (Mezzo Soprano)
  • Oliver Boyd (Baritone)
  • Jillianne Stoll (QCGU Academic on the piano)

Got a lecture and can’t make it? Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty more chances to enjoy the music as students from QCGU visit each campus to showcase their talents.

Music in the Library is an exciting innovation to enliven the campus library spaces and give QCGU students a chance to build valuable performance experience.


Music in the Library


1pm, Monday 15 August 2016


Ground Floor, Library, Nathan Campus, Griffith University