How to print from your iPhone, iPad or laptop


A long, long time ago (in a galaxy not very far away) there was no wireless printing. You couldn’t print directly from your laptop… You had to save it to a floppy disk or CD, and transfer the information to a student PC in the library or computer lab.

And don’t get me started on printing from your smartphone or tablet. There was a time when smartphones didn’t exist at all. So you can imagine the difficulty in trying to print from a device that wasn’t even invented yet.

But lucky for you, times have changed and you can easily print from your iPhone, iPad or laptop. Student wireless printing lets you print from your Apple device or laptop to any Griffith campus common-use printer.

So just how easy is it? Well, if you want to print from your iOS device (that’s your iPhone or iPad), you just need to download a free copy of iCMSIP from the App Store and follow these instructions.

If you want to print from your laptop, you will need to connect it to the Griffith University Wireless Network (visit the Getting Connected page for help). Then go to Web Submit and follow these steps.

Remember, you need a student print account when you print at Griffith; regardless, if you are printing from a laptop, iPhone, iPad or common-use computer.

You can set up your student print account at the Service Desk in the Library or through one of the red kiosks located around the campus.