How to connect to the Griffith wireless network


Save your mobile data for a time when you’ll actually need it – like whenever you’re not at Griffith. Use our free Wi-Fi instead! Connect your laptop, tablet or smart phone to the Griffith University wireless network.

How do you connect? It’s easy peasy! Visit the Getting Connected page and follow the simple instructions for your device. You only need to do this once. Setup guides are available for various operating systems to help you get connected.

When you connect to Griffith’s wireless service, you will be logged in and out of Internet access automatically as part of the Griffith Single Sign-on feature. All Internet traffic is monitored and logged to your student account.

Your use of the Internet must be for appropriate and legitimate purposes associated with your study in accordance with the Griffith University Information Technology Code of Practice.

Your Griffith Internet account includes:

  • Unlimited free internet downloads during off-peak hours
  • 20GB study allowance per month during peak hours; shaped at a slower connection speed* (64kbps) once the 20GB has been used.
  • Unlimited free access to Griffith sites and specific educational sites
  • Usage reset on the 1st day of the month

Access My Internet Account to check your own usage.