Sort out your computer situation with these crazy discounts


It’s Week 2. You’ve probably got your classes sorted, found a new crew of BFFs and called shotgun on the best study spot in the library. But what about your computer situation hmm?

Now don’t get me wrong. We have plenty of computers for you to use here. Whether you want to borrow a laptop; or bang out an assignment on one of our student computers – we have plenty for students to use. And they aren’t just located in the library. There are whole labs on campus dedicated to student computers. Some are even 24/7!

But maybe you’re thinking of buying a new computer, laptop or tablet? Heck, maybe you are in the market for the whole shebang – printers, keyboards, mice and other cool computer accessories.

Well, we’ve got some welcome news for you. Griffith students receive a discount on Apple, HP and Dell products:

Use coupons to save on the latest Dell laptops, desktops, tablets and more. Simply find an awesome deal on this site, grab a coupon and claim your discount at the Dell online store. You can paste your coupon code into the Shopping Cart to collect your discount.

If you are interested in purchasing laptops or other computer equipment for your studies, Apple provides discounts for Griffith University students. Shop at the Apple Store for Education and save on a new Mac and a new iPad. Education pricing is available to Griffith University students.

You can get up to 40% off at HP. You just need to login or register with UNiDAYS to redeem the discount. Head to the HP Student Store to find out more.

But wait there’s more! Students are also eligible for software discounts from Microsoft Office and Norton, including a massive 50% off selected Norton products. Check out all the deals on the Griffith Student Computing website. Happy purchasing!