Studying civil engineering? Here’s what you need to know

Civil Engineering

So, you are studying civil engineering… You can probably design an amazing bridge, dam or canal, but are you struggling to find resources for your assignment? Well, we can help (find the resources, that is. We’ll leave the actual engineering to you).

We’ve designed a  Civil Engineering subject guide that may be useful for you. The aim of this guide is to help you locate resources for your civil engineering assignments. It serves as a gateway to scholarly resources in the area of Civil Engineering as well as related news and topics.

Resources are accessible through the Library’s web site. These include journals, books, databases, popular engineering magazines, professional websites, and other web-based resources, all from the one convenient location.

We strive to keep the subject guides current and up-to-date, and hope they are useful in preparing you for your assignment tasks and research activities.

For assistance in locating information for your assignments and using the subject guides, book a Research and Referencing consultation with a Librarian.

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  1. Unsolved-Engineering says:

    Good guide. nice info…
    needed to be in depth more..