Be a smarter Googler

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Search Google Scholar for academic literature

So it’s pretty easy to search Google, hey? Simply ask Googs what zero divided by zero is (which was the most asked question in 2015) and you’ll get an answer. With its fancy algorithms, the clever search engine can usually be counted on to provide super relevant search results.

But we sometimes need more from Google. Being the serious researchers that we are, we need scholarly literature. And most of all, we need to access full-text scholarly literature quickly, easily and cheaply (and by cheaply, we mean free).

Which brings us to Google Scholar. It’s Google’s academic, over-achieving sister who turns her nose up at Wikipedia (Sorry Wikipedia, we all love you but you have been known to tell the occasional fib).

Google Scholar retrieves scholarly literature from academic publishers, professional societies, online repositories, and universities.

One amazingly awesome feature of Google Scholar is you can search for academic information available at Griffith University Library. That’s right! The search engine kindly informs you which search results are electronically available in full text (for free) at Griffith. Regular ol’ Google, eat your heart out.

What does this mean? Well, let’s say Google Scholar retrieves a journal article that you absolutely must-have. Click the Full Text@Griffith link (located on the right-hand side of the search result) and voila the full-text article magically appears. Okay, so sometimes there may be a second click involved, but who’s counting?

Remember, the magic only happens when you are on campus. If you are searching at home, you will need to configure Google Scholar. See our helpful Google Scholar webpage for instructions.