So what is the new library space called?

Congratulations Ethan!

Congratulations Ethan!

You know the library space at the Gold Coast campus that has unofficially been known as the Green Room? The one we asked you to submit creative and original names for? Yes, that one.

Well, after meticulously counting all the votes for your favourite entry; we can finally reveal the winner. The student space unofficially known as the Green Room has now officially been crowned – The Green Room. Crack open the bubbly!

These five amazing students submitted the winning entry:

  • Ethan
  • Anna
  • Andrew
  • Holly
  • Kathryn

Unfortunately, we couldn’t give all of them a prize. Soz! So we put them all into a barrel (the students names, not the students themselves), and we drew out… Ethan – a nursing student from the Gold Coast.

Congratulations Ethan! Enjoy your $100 pre-paid gift card and the glory that comes with naming a slice of Griffith University.

Curious about how the voting went down? Well, we got you to vote on three names and this is the breakdown:

  • Green on 3 = 29%
  • Bamboo Lounge = 29%
  • The Green Room = 42%