BONUS+, borrowing and you

BONUS+Did you know you can borrow books outside of the Griffith Libraries’ collection?

Griffith University is part of the BONUS+ initiative formed by multiple universities around Australia and New Zealand to give our students the best possible access to resources.

You can access the BONUS+ catalogue via the classic library catalogue – just search for a book, if we don’t have it you can click the little green button on the side.

Let’s pretend you are looking for the book Resources and Planning edited by Brian Goodall and Andrew Kirby.  The Griffith Libraries do not hold a copy, but if you click on the “try BONUS+” option, you will now see two options.  One of which is our item held at Massey University (NZ), Uni of Melbourne and the Uni of Technology Sydney.

You can now request the item to be sent to your chosen Griffith campus for collection.  It’s that simple!

Great news is – you get the item for at least 21 days!  If you want to more about what you can borrow, check out the library website.