Curious about political history?

Some major events are happening around the world this year – mainly elections, elections, ELECTIONS!

Eath CommunicationNot only are we still unsure of who our Prime Minister will be – the USA is about to have an election, the UK is separating for the EU and they are also about have an election!

The database Palgrave Connect has a number of journals to explore more about politics, history, and economics & finance.

For those of us wanting to learn more about Brexit, you can explore Palgrave Studies in European Union Politics or Europe in Transition.  Or perhaps with the United States of America about to celebrate their Independence Day, you want read more about their politics through the journals American Foreign Policy in the 21st Century and the The Evolving American Presidency.

Or perhaps you are waiting to know the election results from our own Federal Election on Saturday, 2 July 2016.  You can learn more about the First Peoples’ rights in Australian Politics as well as the history of Australian politics from 1890 at the Australian Politics and Elections Database.

The ABC Federal Election 216 site updates throughout the day.